Annie on My Mind

~by Nancy Garden
2003 ALA Margaret A. Edwards Award Winner

Liza wants nothing more than to attend the Massachusetts Institute of Technology as an architecture student. As a senior in good standing, and class president, of a private high school, she has a good chance, as long as nothing terrible goes wrong. Annie wants to sing. She attends a public high school, but she is sharp and creative, not to mention talented. Both girls don't quite fit in with their peers.

They meet in the American Wing of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, beginning a friendship that becomes much more than that. Liza is surprised to discover that she has fallen in love, complicating an already complicated situation that has developed at her school.

The novel follows Liza and Annie's deepening relationship, their struggle to come to terms with it and each other, as well as their attempt to hide their feelings from those around them. But when their private lives are thrust into public view, their world collapses into turmoil.

Annie on My Mind is simply a beautiful, heartfelt love story of two young women, making it a controversial and often challenged young adult novel which has been banned in several places in the United States.

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