Dragon Rider

~by Cornelia Funke
~translated by Anthea Bell
2005 Quill Award Nominee

When it is discovered that humans are about to destroy the last of the dragons' safe-havens, a young silver dragon named Firedrake and his constant brownie companion Sorrel, leave the secret valley in search of the "Rim of Heaven," a mythical mountain range in the Himalayas and the legendary homeland of the dragons. During their journey they meet a parentless young human, Ben, in an abandoned building in a big city while looking for the renowned cartographer Gilbert Graytail to aid them in their search.

Ben joins Firedrake and Sorrel in a grand adventure as they travel the world to find the Rim of Heaven. Unfortunately, they aren't the only ones interested in finding the dragon homeland. They are pursued by the minions of Nettlebrand, who only seeks to kill all other dragons. In a race for time, Firedrake, Ben, and Sorrel find friendship and danger at every turn.

Dragon Rider is a wonderful, original fantasy novel for younger readers, although older ones will appreciate it as well.

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