Dykes to Watch Out For

~by Alison Bechdel

I was lucky enough to attend an event that Alison Bechdel was speaking at and then meet her briefly afterwards. I had never really read her strip Dykes to Watch Out For, other than a few I caught in various newspapers; after hearing her speak decided that I may as well start. She was kind enough not only to sign my newly purchased copy, but to jot down a doodle to go along with her signature. I went home and immediately devoured the first volume. Needless to say, I was very pleased with my purchase, and hope to read the following books.

This first volume offers various caricature of lesbian culture through a series of vignettes. Except for a few instances, these vignettes can stand on their own and are not tied together with any sort of plot. From relationships to the various "species" of lesbians, Dykes to Watch Out For provides an insightful, yet humorous, look into a variety of lesbian lifestyles.

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