Adolf: The Half-Aryan

~by Osamu Tezuka
~translated by Yuji Oniki

Osamu Tezuka's magnificent work Adolf is continued in the third graphic novel Adolf: The Half-Aryan.

Just when Toge fears all is lost, including the important documents he swore to defend with his life, his luck finally takes a turn for the better. But there is still plenty of danger awaiting him.

Adolf Kaufmann is now in his third year at the Adolf Hitler Schule. As his training as a Hitler Youth becomes more intensive, and horrific, he continues to struggle to prove to the others that he is loyal to Germany and even the Nazi cause. While striving to become the ideal German citizen, Adolf is faced with many decisions that will challenge his beliefs.

Adolf: A Tale of the Twentieth Century, and Adolf: An Exile In Japan are the first two volumes in this series. Adolf: The Half-Aryan is followed by Adolf: Days of Infamy, and Adolf: 1945 and All That Remains.

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