Adolf: An Exile In Japan

~by Osamu Tezuka
~translated by Yuji Oniki

This book is the second in the Adolf graphic novel series. And it is just as impressive as the first volume, Adolf: A Tale of the Twentieth Century.

In the second volume, Toge finally gets his hand on the information his brother was trying to pass on to him: documents proving the Jewish ancestry of Adolf Hitler. And now both the Gestapo and the Japanese Secret Police are after him to get those documents back.

Meanwhile, Adolf Kaufmann has been sent to an elite academy in Germany aimed at properly educating the Hitler Youth. He struggles to fit in due to the fact his mother is Japanese and has been raised in Japan. He also faces the slow indoctrination that challenges his own personal beliefs.

The following volumes in the series are Adolf: The Half-Aryan, Adolf: Days of Infamy, and Adolf: 1945 and All That Remains.

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