Adolf: A Tale of the Twentieth Century

~by Osamu Tezuka
~translated by Yuji Oniki

Osamu Tezuka is considered the "God of Manga" in Japan. His Adolf graphic novel series is considered to be one of his best works.

From the reading the first volume, I would have to agree. The story begins during the 1936 Olympics in Berlin where a prominent Japanese journalist, Sohei Toge, is covering the events. From there it takes off in a whirlwind of intrigue when Toge's brother is murdered by the Nazis because of what he knows. It is this information that will tie three men together, all who are named Adolf, including the leader of the Nazi Party.

Of course, when things get really interesting, the volume comes to an end. But not to fear, it is followed by Adolf: An Exile In Japan, Adolf: The Half-Aryan, Adolf: Days of Infamy, and Adolf: 1945 and All That Remains.

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