Jennifer Government

~by Max Barry
2003 Booklist Editors' Choice Award
2004 John W. Campbell Award Nominee

In Max Barry's satirical second novel, corporations have nearly replaced government, but political wheeling and dealing certainly haven't disappeared. These huge conglomerates will stop at nothing to ensure their place at the top. Guerrilla marketing is commonplace, in addition to being extraordinarily violent and vicious. When Hack Nike, a lowly employee from the merchandising department is offered a lucrative promotion into the marketing department he leaps at the opportunity and signs the contract without even reading it. Unfortunately, it means he's been hired to commit murder in order to help promote the newest line of Nike sneakers, setting off a chain of events spanning companies and continents alike.

The novel's concept might not be particularly unique, but it is a fantastic story nonetheless. Perhaps a little terrifying at times, to be honest. After a few surprising turn of events, everything came together quite tidily by the end which may have been a little forced. Regardless, it was an enormously fun and entertaining novel.

In order to promote the book, author Max Barry created the on-line game NationStates which has developed its own devoted following.