Daniel and Jim: An Unfinished Memoir

~Daniel Prospero

Written under a pseudonym by a member of a book club that I belong to, this unfinished memoir is an authentic portrayal of the life of an older gay man in "University City."

Originally "cured" of his gayness through psychotherapy, Daniel married Emily, a widow with two children, before he came to terms again with his own sexuality. He loved his wife dearly, but she fell ill and needed a substantial amount of care, which he willingly provided. During this trying period in their lives, Daniel met Jim. They developed a loving relationship together and eventually had a commitment ceremony. Unfortunately, their relationship wasn't easy.

Told through a series of journal exercises weaved together, his memoir is extraordinarily honest. At times, it was confusing as it wasn't strictly told in chronological order. He is continuing to expand the memoir and revise its format.

Not available in a library...

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