Compass of the Heart: A Novel of Discovery

~by Priscilla Cogan

As the second book in the Novel of Discovery trilogy, (following Winona's Web and preceding Crack at Dusk, Crook of Dawn), Compass of the Heart overlaps slightly with the preceding book. It also continues with the absolutely beautiful prose and spiritual sensitivity of the first book.

Meggie O'Conner, a recently divorced psychologist living in northern Michigan, is falling in love. Her friends and family are happy for and very supportive of her, only Hawk, the man she adores and who adores her, is Native American. Coming from different cultures and educational backgrounds they try to make things work, but it's not always easy. Meggie respects his people and their spiritual path, first introduced to her by one of her clients, Winona Pathfinder, Hawk's cousin. But some in the community question the right of a white woman to become involved with one of their most important and influential leaders.

I was not disappointed with Compass of the Heart and can't wait to find a copy of the final novel in the trilogy. As a beautiful and complex story told through beautiful writing, I would definitely recommend this series.

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