~by Stephenie Meyer
2006 ALA Best Books for Young Adults

I was recommended this book before the series became such a phenomena but it wasn't until afterwards that I found the opportunity to read it. I was admiring the cover at the bookstore when a very friendly, not to mention enthusiastic, employee approached and started gushing about the story. Since it was fairly inexpensive for a book its size, and I'm a sucker for good cover art, I eventually picked up a copy.

After her mother remarries, Bella Swan leaves her home in Phoenix, Arizona to live with her father in Forks, Washington--a town she hates. Moving is always difficult, especially for a junior in high school. Since she's new to town, she catches the eyes of a few of the boys. But she also catches the eye of Edward Cullen--drop dead gorgeous, and not quite human. She eventually learns his, and his family's, secret. They are vampires. Although it's dangerous, she and Edward allow their friendship to develop. Only, it turns out to be much more dangerous than either of them anticipated.

I'm not sure it deserves all the hype, but I can understand why the story is so popular, especially among its target audience. Very much a love story or romance for teenage girls, it was fun--a slightly different and interesting take on vampires, but it certainly wasn't heavy reading by any means. It's a good first novel and well loved by many. I enjoyed the story, even if I wasn't particularly blown away by it, and am intrigued to see where Meyers will take it with the next books in the series.