Y: The Last Man, Book 1: Unmanned

~written by Brian K. Vaughan
~illustrated by Pia Guerra, and José Marzán, Jr.
2005 Eisner Award Winner

What would it be like to be the last man on Earth? While not a particularly unique premise, it is this question that is addressed by the comic series Y: The Last Man. A mysterious plague instantaneously strikes dead every mammal with a Y chromosome. Except for Yorick Brown and his capuchin monkey Ampersand, that is.

Unmanned collects the first five issues of the series. In it, the disaster hits and nearly half the population of the planet dies. Understandably, things are rather chaotic and society more or less collapses. While the women start rebuilding civilization, Yorick wants nothing more than to be reunited with his girlfriend Beth who is on the other side of the world in Australia. Of course, there's the entire fate of humanity to take into consideration, as well.

I very much enjoyed this first installment. The artwork is well done, although quite a few of the women end up looking a little too similar. Also, some of the plot details are inconsistent. Whether or not this is intentional, I don't know. Guess I'll just have to go out and get the next volume.