Mouse Guard: Fall 1152

~by David Petersen

Mouse Guard: Fall 1152 is a compilation of the first six issues of the Mouse Guard bi-monthly comic. The premise of the series is fairly simple: mice have their own civilization. Their world, fraught with danger and predators, is perilous, especially in the country between the hidden towns and villages. The Mouse Guard was formed to protect the mice, serving as soldiers, border patrol, guides, and pathfinders.

Unfortunately, there is a traitor in their midst.

This series is wonderful for all ages; I mean, who can resist anthropomorphic mice with swords? The story is very straightforward, without many twists or turns; those familiar with medieval fantasy definitely won't be taken by surprise. What really makes Mouse Guard fantastic is its absolutely gorgeous artwork. The hardcover compilation also includes additional material not previously published. Every single page is in full color and an absolute feast for the eyes.

The second series will also be collected into a single volume, Mouse Guard: Winter 1152.