~by Keith R. A. DeCandido

I've not really read any movie novelizations before, sensing that they should generally be avoided. However, being a huge fan of Firefly and Serenity, I made an exception in this case. While not completely worthless, I did find the book to be rather disappointing.

DeCandido stays true to the film while adding in some scenes that had been cut from the final version of the film. Also included were scenes from and references to the series, which I found to be be good but not always handled very well. Most of his interpretations were very straight forward and didn't add much to the 'verse although there are a few additions that I've not seen in any other Firefly/Serenity source. Unfortunately, some aspects of his writing style in this novelization are absolutely atrocious and quite frankly irritating.

For a Browncoat completist (which I am) this book is worth investing the seven dollars or so to purchase. Most fans might also appreciate it to some extent, although I know of some who were absolutely horrified by it. Other readers should probably just skip it and stick to the movie.