~by Abha Dawesar
2005 Lambda Literary Award Winner
2006 ALA Stonewall Book Award Winner

Anamika Sharma is an intelligent and fairly precocious sixteen-year old Brahmin high school student in Delhi in the 1980s. But, she still has some room to learn and grow, especially regarding relationships and how her actions effect others. Throughout the novel she pursues three affairs, one with India, an older divorcee, one with Rani, the household's servant, and one with Sheela, a classmate who all the boys adore. Through chaos theory, physics, and mathematics, she creates her own way of understanding the world and people around her. Although lovable and idealistic, Anamika can be strong headed and at times even cruel.

The novel is engaging and addresses many issues pervading India in the 1980s and even today, such as the caste system, colonization, Westernization, and sexism. However, I found the ending to be rather anti-climatic and somewhat disappointing. After all the ups and downs of the novel, it just seemed to end without much of a sense of closure. Despite this, Babyji was a delight.

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