Wordplay: The Philosophy, Art, and Science of Ambigrams

~by John Langdon

First things first: Ambigrams are really cool. For example, just take a look at the cover and you'll discover that the title itself has been designed in such a way as to be legible both upside-right and upside-down. John Langdon accompanies his philosophical ruminations and text with many more of his own ambigrams and personal artwork as well as a few examples from other artists. The first edition of this book, Wordplay: Ambigrams and the Reflections on the Art of Ambigrams, was published in 1992. After his work with the best-selling author Dan Brown on the book Angels & Demons, interest in ambigrams increased. He revised Wordplay and published a second edition including color plates of some of his pieces. The words he selected to create ambigrams with are very important in his personal philosophy and are accompanied by thought-provoking sections exploring this philosophy. He has also included a section on the process behind making ambigrams with hints and suggestions for those who might decide to give it a try on their own.

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