~Christopher Paolini
2003 ALA Best Books for Young Adults Nominee
2004 Book Sense Book of the Year Award Winner

Eragon is the name of the young hero in this debut novel by Christopher Paolini. Times are changing and the world is becoming a much more dangerous place for anyone, let alone a farmboy from an isolated mountain village. He was raised by his uncle and never knew his parents and had very little to his name. But when he finds a mysterious stone during a hunting excursion, his luck changes for better or worse. The "stone" hatches, and Eragon finds himself a Rider, fleeing for his and his dragon's life across the Empire in search of help from the Varden, a group of hidden rebels sworn to fight against the tyranny of King Galbatorix.

For the most part, the book is your typical fantasy, dragon & boy story. Influences from some of the major works in the genre are fairly obvious and it could have easily used at least one more good editing as descriptions and concepts didn't always align as well as they could have. Regardless, it was a nice story without being particularly unique. Young Paolini certainly has some writing talent, not to mention a great vocabulary.

Eragon is the first in the Inheritance Series, followed by Eldest and Brisingr.

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