Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ's Childhood Pal

~by Christopher Moore
2003 ALA Best Books for Young Adults

It's a tough job being the best friend of the Messiah, but it sure does make life a little more interesting. Lamb is a rather humorous account of the life of Joshua ben Joseph (a.k.a. Jesus), as told by his best friend Biff. When they first meet, Josh is resurrecting dead lizards for his younger brother to play with, which promptly end up dead again. What follows is a lifetime of adventures, of a sort. Biff follows Josh all over the continent as the young Messiah learns from magicians, Buddhist monks, a yoga master, and Hindu untouchables what exactly being the Messiah means. Biff, on the other hand, investigates the pleasures of women and wine, all for the sake of Josh of course, so that the Son of God may learn of sin without being tainted by it.

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