The V Book: A Doctor's Guide to Complete Vulvovaginal Health

~by Elizabeth Gunther Stewart, M.D., and Paula Spencer
~illustrations by Dawn Danby

Dr. Stewart has provided a wonderful resource for women's health with this book. She has divided the book into three parts: An Owner's Manual, When You Need Help, and Problem and Answer Guide. The information is detailed and very accessible to the average reader. Throughout the book are strewn fun-facts about the Vs (the Vulva, the Vagina, and the Vestibule). The illustrations are beautiful and tastefully done. However, the black-and-white photographs aren't nearly as clear, but that's really my only complaint. The V Book has a little bit of everything in it from history to health and hygiene.

This book is amazing. It was so good in fact, I ordered a copy to have on hand.

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