Unicorn Variations

~by Roger Zelazny
1975 Nebula Award Winner
1976 Hugo Award Winner
1982 Hugo Award Winner
1984 Locus Award Winner

Two of the stories in this volume are award winners. Home is the Hangman won both the 1975 Nebula Award and the 1976 Hugo Award for Best Novella. Unicorn Variation won the 1982 Hugo Award for Best Novelette.

I rather enjoyed the stories in this book. Some, of course, more than others. It has a good range of content with different subjects and moods, so it didn't seem like I was reading the same story over and over. A nice touch was the fact that the author had written a short introduction for the entire volume and for each individual work. He also included two essays The Parts That Are Only Glimpsed: Three Reflexes, and Some Science Fiction Parameters: A Biased View.

Stories (and essays) included in this collection: Unicorn Variation; The Last of the Wild Ones; Recital; The Naked Matador; The Parts That Are Only Glimpsed: Three Reflexes; Dismal Light; Go Starless in the Night; But Not the Herald ; A Hand Across the Galaxy; The Force That Through the Circuit Drives the Current; Home is the Hangman; Fire and/or Ice; Exeunt Omnes; A Very Good Year; My Lady of the Diodes; And I Only Am Escaped to Tell Thee ; The Horses of Lir; The Night Has 999 Eyes; Angel, Dark Angel; Walpurgisnacht; The George Business; Some Science Fiction Parameters: A Biased View.

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