Meditation: A Simple Eight-Point Program for Translating Spiritual Ideals into Daily Life

~by Eknath Easwaran

Quite an impressive book, really. A well written and practical approach to meditation. The book is based on a lecture series that Eknath Easwaran gave at the Berkeley campus while he was a visiting professor. He encourages meditation as the reflection upon a great spiritual passage. He devotes a section of the book to each of the eight points. He also includes suggested passages and readings.

And, in case you're wondering what those eight steps are:
1) Meditation
2) Repetition of the mantram
3) Slowing down
4) Giving one-pointed attention
5) Training the senses
6) Putting the welfare of others first
7) Spiritual companionship
8) Reading from the scriptures and mystics of all religions

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